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Philadelphia::12 January 2009

Hello, All!

Some news bits:

1. If you've visited our site recently, you will have noticed at new Beta format, an upgrade from the previous format. For now, it is still a work in progress, as I add, substract, and multiply the features. Good job there's no division! But all in all, it is time-consuming, and so please bear with me.

2. O'Hara CDs and other media will be produced and distributed. I confirmed this last night! More to come on this!!!

3. Feedback re a membership fee that I have received so far as been in favour. I suppose someone will object, but I've yet to hear from that person/persons. Consequently, at the AGM, 30 January, I will move for a $15 per annum membership fee. Why? Simple, as a way to cover mailing fees for FREE CDs and other materials. Initially, as well, I'm planning to send FREE to all paid-up members copies of O'Hara books from my collection. If you choose not to subscribe, that's OK. But CDs, books, etc., will be distributed to you at cost, plus P/H. Also, only paid-up members will have voting rights at future AGMs. Access to the website will always remain FREE!

If you have thoughts regarding the above, let me know!

Cheers from here,

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