An Angel Has Landed

Philadelphia::7 January 2009

Hello, again!

An angel has landed. Since my last 'Alert,' a member has volunteered to reproduce materials for the Society. Depending on many copies are made available, I'm hoping to distribute free, in this first effort, audio tapes of The Master. These are rare, and, by hearing his voice, add another dimension to him. I'm looking for video, personal photographs -- casting call!

As for the AGM, 30 January, at the Warwick, I've been asked whether one can attend either the dinner or the follow-up breakfast, Saturday, 31 January, also at the Warwick. Absolutely! The breakfast will be held at 8:30 am in the Tavern, and will involve a discussion of 'Appointment....' led by a briefing paper prepared by Pal Robert Saliba. I'll have a few hardcopies of this at the meeting. But, best to request a copy by e-mail. Of course, being conversant with the book would also help.

Despite the advent of our angel -- details will follow, after I have discussed these with him -- we will still vote, at the AGM dinner Saturday night, whether to establish a membership fee. Your ideas on this will be helpful in guiding us on this matter, even if you're not planning to attend the AGM. The membership fee would serve as a fundraising measure only. I don't expect that it would curtail other membership opportunities or privileges.

Yours respectfully,

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