David Loovis on John O'Hara

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O'Hara 'Rolled Mightily'

The late David Loovis,, the author Try for Elegance, a roman a clef with an unnamed Brooks Brothers at its centre, and a main floor salesman at the BB flagship at 346 Madison Avenue for more than ten years, told me in 1986 letter:

I met John O'Hara at the store once. He leaned heavily on his cane as we spoke. It was just after I had published my first Scribner novel and he asked what I thought about the publisher. I said I was proud to be with them and that I hoped they'd advertise the book, "Try for Elegance," with vigor. He cautioned me not to expect too much as Scribner's followed the line of the old British publishers in depending a goo deal on word-of-mouth. I remember that he wore a heavy tweed suit and that his blue oxford cloth collar rolled mightily.

Loovis said that he was working on BB book at the time. Apparently, that project never came to fruition.
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-- Richard Carreño/The Philadelphia Junto


James Melody said...

Mr.Loovis was a great mentor me in my early 1960 days. Over scotch and water which I loathed, he encouraged me to read O'Hara. He advocated the accessable nature of the author's work and in particular the brilliant dialogue of his characters. Now writer Loovis may have only been fostering what a sixteen year old would easily grasp onto. Grasp I did.
"Appointment...," "Terrace...," etc. I continue to choose the author's short stories from my bedside table.
David Loovis urged me to "progress" in my reading sophistication by advancing to Somerset Maugham and onward to Proust. The latter represented a big "onward" for a twenty year old with questionable education.
O'Hara had pulled me in to the joy of literature with his characters, dialogue and themes and tonight I am grateful for discovering and membership in The O'Hara Society. Many thanks!

James Melody said...

Wonderful to discover you all.