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I confused. Of course, this is a state that's not entirely alien to me. But, this time, I'm confused about a Modern Library edition of two John O'Hara short stories in a little book, really a smallish 56-page pamphlet -- the pubisher calls it a 'mini' -- that appeared in 1996. Why the confusion? I never knew the booklet, containing 'We'll Have Fun' and 'How Old, How Young,' existed.

Like many of us, I employ Matt Bruccoli's catalogue raisonee as the ultimate arbiter of all things published by O'Hara. And this slim text, titled We'll Have Fun, to my inspection, isn't listed. Huh?

I found the booklet yesterday in one of my least favourite local bookshops, the Last Word near Penn. (The folks there apparently haven't heard about the Internet. The shop is wildly overpriced for a used-book outlet. Yes, I got fleeced. But I WANTED the book, one of the few items that I don't have in my O'Hara collection).

Anyway, please enlighten. I'm aware, of course, of other Modern Library O'Hara editions. But how did this mini slip through the cracks? Or, is it simply my bad?

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