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On April 6, 1929 publication of "A New Apparatus." The New Yorker.  One of the Orange County Afternoon Delphian Society series. A plea by member Mrs. Uhlein to raise money for a new fire engine for the Pioneer Fire Company Number One. "When you think of your very homes being constantly in danger of being burned to the ground, and the lives of your children in jeopardy, as well as those of your other dear families...When our fire engines go to Nyack we don't want to send a tumbledown old engine..."

On April 6, 1935 publication of "I Could Have Had a Yacht." The New Yorker. Files on Parade. The narrator is a woman - a chorus girl with ambivalent feelings about a piano-player. "As a rule I wouldn't even spit on a musician ... You have to be more of a musician to impress me. I could have had a yacht ... but I must admit I like his attitude."

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