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From an April 5, 1960 letter to the New York Herald Tribune:

I have read and listened to the obituaries and panegyrics of F.P.A., and most of them are pretty routine stuff ... F.P.A. got me my first job in New York - on the Herald Tribune. Six years later I was able to say thank you: I dedicated  "Appointment in Samarra" to him.
Franklin Pierce Adams (1881-1960) was a nationally known syndicated columnist. He was best known for "The Conning Tower," which featured contributions from many of the literary greats of the day, including John O'Hara.
From Appointment in Samarra: Part of a conversation between Julian English and Monsignor Creedon on the verandah of the Lantenengo Country Club on the evening of December 25, 1930:

   "We're both right, son," said Monsignor Creedon. "... As F.P.A. would say, I can take my ambition or leave it alone..."
   "Do you read F.P.A.?"
   "My God, yes. I get the World every day."

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