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From an April 7, 1960 letter to Bennett Cerf.

I am in a peculiar position. I am working harder and more successfully than ever before ... I will be dead a long time and I want to publish while I'm alive.

Most novelists are such plodders that they take longer to write one novel than I do to write two. That's partly because they stall and partly because they don't know their business ...

I have written an 85-page novella, as yet untitled, which is to be one of three that I would like to publish under the all-embracing title SERMONS AND SODA WATER, a quotation from Byron that is very apt. (See Bartlett). All three novellae will have to do with the Twenties and Thirties.
The three novellae in Sermons and Soda Water are "Imagine Kissing Pete," "The Girl on the BaggageTruck," and We're Friends Again."

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