Update from AGM

Master's Memory Invoked at 29 Jan AGM
From left, Joan T. Kane, Carol Gramer, Jenny Saliba, Robert Saliba, Robert Knott (Photo: John O'Hara Society)

I've joined the picture, second from left. (Photo: John O'Hara Society)
We gathered, as usual, at the Nassau Inn, Princeton, New Jersey, for lunch and an Annual General Meeting to remember the Master. We had hoped for a greater attendence yesterday (Saturday, 29 January); only seven members showed up. But given the weather conditions in the Northeast, perhaps that was not unexpected. It snowed heavily last week, and it was coming down again when he headed home to Philadelphia in the late afternoon.

 The good news on this front was that I heard from many members, mostly via our Group Page at Facebook.com, that they wish they could attended. Many more opportunities will be available. (By the way, can't resist mentioning that the canopy of snow that covered the trees as we headed north was beyond beautiful).

Two meetings have been firmed up. One, this summer in New York. We will tour more O'Hara related sites, Part II of our very successful excursion we conducted last summer. As a special, we will be attending an O'Hara theatre night at Yale in October. Details about those two dates will follow.

Of course, we're looking for as many Pals as possible to attend. Someone asked if you had to an O'Hara expert to join the Society or attend meetings. Absolutely not! Just bring your curiousity.

Robert Knott distributed another DVD, 'He Married His Wife,' a 1940 picture with Joel McCrea that O'Hara received a screenplay credit for. Also we got another CD in a series of radio show remembrances about O'Hara.

We also launched an informal contest to come up with a Society logo. Anyone can enter. We'll probably have a prize for the winner. At this point, I have no clue what that might be. We're thinking -- in keeping with the Master's club-mania -- that this winning logo design will be incorporated into a necktie, a pin, and signet ring. OK, that last one, the ring, is a bit much. But we'll see where we'll go with this.

Contest submissions, as an attachment, should be made to me at JohnOHaraSoc@yahoo.com. Of course, please send all your personal details so that you can get credit.

--- Richard Carreno 

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RGK said...

An excellent meeting, as usual. It was great to see everyone!

Richard Carreño, Editor | Empowered by Writers Clearinghouse Est. 1976 @ Fabyan, Connecticut said...

THanks, Robert! Received some details from Jonathan Higgins. Will be posting.... Richard.