Finally, O'Hara Gets Yale's Love!

John O'Hara finally is getting some respect at Yale.

He couldn't get admitted. He couldn't get an honorary degree. He never got tapped as a Yale Club member.

But thanks to Jonathan Higgins, a Bostonian and an MFA graduate from Temple University, a new play that he created highlighting the Master and his masterpiece, An Appointment in Samarra, will top Yale's theatre offerings this autumn.

An Evening in Samarra: An Appointment with John O'Hara, will be held in New Haven on Saturday, 15 October, in Sudler Hall, with a tentative start time of 8 p.m.

The play, developed by The Actors Imagaination Studio in Toronto, is part of the university's Elizabethan Club centenary line-up, according to Pal Jonathan. It's directed by Michael Hanrahan. Music was arranged and will be performed
by James Scott.

The play's action takes place at the Elizabethan Club, circa 1957, and in New York City, circa 1933, Jonathan said.

As previously announced, the Society has scheduled attendance at the play as a special event. Everyone will be on their own for overnight digs. But I'll be planning pre-theatre/post-theatre activities (drinks, dinner?), hopefully with Jonathan, as the time approaches.

Still no idea about ticket prices. Look updates here!


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