Princeton Field Trip

Set for June 20!

Our visit to John O'Hara sites has been scheduled for 12:30 PM Saturday, June 20, at the Nassau Inn, off Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey. (Check Google and MapQuest for details). We visit the house (hopefully), gravesite, and church, etc. (Refer to O'Hara Compendium.) Please suggest and advise. This is an OPEN event for one and all, paid or non-paid. Please RSVP to John.OHara.Society@comcast 15 June, please.

From: Pal Carol Randolph Gramer, New York: Yankee Doodle Tap Room in the basement of the Nassau Inn is a great place for beer and burgers: pub chow is inexpensive but good, and the ambiance is historical and picturesque. And it is located right smack in the middle of Palmer Square.

From Richard: Thanks for the tip! See you there. Richard

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