Provisional Itinerary

June 20 Itinerary

Here's a provisional itinerary for our June 20 field trip to Princeton, New Jersey. It's in no particular order:

Princeton Cementary (John O'Hara gravesite).
18 College Road West (Rental before he moved to Linebrook).
Princeton Hospital (Where Belle died).
Princeton Trinity Church (Belle funeral).
Linebook, intersection of Province Line and Pretty Book roads.
Nassau Club.
Princeton Y.M.C.A.
Princeton University Chapel (O'Hara funeral).

If anyone has any other ideas, please note them here.

Also, if anyone who plans to attend who has a camcorder, please bring that too for a film of the event. For the website. YouTube?
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RGK said...

I fairly sure that 18 College Road West is no longer standing, but I could be wrong. I believe it stood on a stretch of road that is now offices.

Richard Carreño, Editor | Powered by Writers Clearinghouse Est. 1976 @ Fabyan, Connecticut said...

We'll find out. Thanks!