Membership Update

[The following is a copy of a universal blast via our membership page].

Welcome New Members!

In the past month, thanks to Facebook's Group page, we've recruited about a dozen new members. Welcome, pals!

I've tried to message each of you individually, but, to my dismay, this is AGAINST Facebook regs. So this universal blast is necessary. For these new pals, then, I recommend that they go to our website,, for Society news/updates and for membership details.

Basic membership is FREE. Premium memberships, which includes FREE DVDs, audios, publications, etc., is $25 per annum, payable via PayPal, etc. As always, don't hesitate to contact me directly at

Just a bit of membership news from Blighty: Spoke to James MacDonald at length when I was in London last week. Recruiting efforts there are under way. As you may know, some of our most enthusiastic pals are Brits.

Also, no I haven't forgotten about our field trip to Princeton, New Jersey. I just need a bit of a breather before I can sort that one out.

Best wishes to all, Richard Carreno

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