O'Hara Tapes

Our Thanks to Hank Holman
Richard: Also let me know whether you are averse to my mentioning that you're the 'angel' and the good works you're undertaking.

Hank: I have no objection to being identified. There is, however, a change in my schedule of charges. As opposed to free work.....

I now request as 'payment', a citation of book and page for this OHara quote:
'No good ever came out of an occasion at which an accordion was employed.'

Bonus to anyone who can supply a photograph of a barber shop that was located on the lower level of a downtown Pottsville hotel, within two or three blocks of the courthouse. This was the site and inspiration for my favorite OHara work, 'The Cellar Domain.'

I visited Pottsville in 1992, found the closed barbershop and took a picture which has been lost. Numerous inquiries of every agecny I could imagine in Pottsville as well as several postings on the society website have failed to find such an image. I give most anything to have it.

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