I never heard of this. I looked at the back of Dr. Bruccoli's biography and couldn't find it. I looked at the Modern Library website and couldn't find it. Here's a sentence from 'How Old, How Young': 'She picked up her bathing cap and pulled it on, tucking in wisps of her blonde hair, cocking her head as she did and unconsciously being extremely feminine and attractive.' It just doesn't get any better than this. See you at the AGM.
-- Robert Saliba

This little volume was part of a short-lived series. I can't recall the other titles. I believe Penguin issued something similar. They cost about $2, and were usually displayed near the cash register at Barnes & Noble, Borders, et al. They post-dated Bruccoli's bibliography by many years. I don't recall that they were reviewed anywhere, though there could have been something in the old Random House promotional literature. They must be pretty rare; I never see them. You were lucky to find it. The volume is certainly an anomaly of O'Hara publishing and if you blinked you missed it.
--Richard Rabicoff

Thanks for the response! Just for the record, the mini wasn't in Bruccoli's A Descriptive Bibliography, either. Again, the ante-dated thing. Thanks, Richard, for reminding me of the Penguin series. I have three, or four of these that I bought in London during the mid-90s.
-- Richard Carreño

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