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On The Companion Guide to Appointment in Samarra

Thanks for the positive feedback. It's OK to post an alert, but Companion is a work in progress. There are attribution problems and no footnotes, which I want to correct when I return to it later this year.
Thanks for the mention of 'Foujita'. I plan to re-read the whole book and pick up additional stuff like that. I also forgot to mention that Alice smoked Spuds. I remember them. There were mentholated. Arthur Godfrey used to promote them on his radio show, along with Fatimas (which is part title of a John O'Hara story 'Fatimas and Kisses'). I have loved every minute of this project. Looking forward to the AGM.
My best, Robert

Just wanted to tell you that I found Companion just brilliant! It expanded my understanding of Appointment, and I thank you for that.
Do you want me to post an alert for others to suggest more?
I'd add 'Foujita,' the artist thing. I'm sure, like 'Brooksy,' it has a class thing working for it. Especially, in that Miss Cartwright recognised it. Brooks, of course, yes. But Foujita, emmm.... Yes, you're right. It's rich....
See you soon.
Robert Saliba's The Companion Guide to Appointment in Samarra, an annotated check-list, will be discussed at the Society's upcoming AGM.

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