Americanization and Publication


On November 23, 1929, publication of "Americanization." The New Yorker. Delphian.

"I wonder if I said that the Orange County Afternoon Delphian Society has been neglecting a patriotic duty . . . . The patriotic duty we have been neglecting is just this: What about Americanization? . . . . Isn't it true that with all the good work we have done for the community, we have neglected our alien friends? . . . . Americanization is nothing more or less than helping the aliens that aren't naturalized by taking out citizenship papers . . . we can help them through all the stages of citizenship until finally the alien is a regular American, entitled to vote and entitled to the protection of the government. Entitled to everything but President."

On November 23, 1961, publication of Assembly. 26 stories.

On November 23, 1967, publication of The Instrument.

On November 23, 1972, publication (posthumously) of The Time Element & Other Stories. 34 stories.

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