Walter T. Carriman


On October 16, 1943, publication of "Walter T. Carriman." Pipe Night.

Pipie Night is a collection of thirty-one stories, of which "Walter T. Carriman" is the first. It never appeared in any magazine.

This is a straightforward, detailed description by an unnamed narrator of the life of one man who lived in the Philadelphia area, held several jobs, married happily and died from a heart attack at age forty.

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Frank said...

Walter T. Carriman appeared in the New Yorker on October 16, 1943. It is not a straightforward description at all. The persona who is offering an alternate obituary is pompous, cliched, and clueless. His exaggeration creates a very funny portrait of Walter T. Carriman, which is eventually extended into a satirical burlesque of the average American. But as we read it more closely we see that the most devastating portrait is of the obituary writer himself.