BUtterfield 8


On October 17, 1935, publication by Harcourt, Brace of John O'Hara's second novel, BUtterfield 8.

I would rank this novel for quality right next to Appointment in Samarra.

To me, although Appointment in Samarra takes place at the end of 1930, the first year of the Great Depression, I still think of it as a tale of the twenties, as Julian English's death in December as the end of an era.

BUtterfield 8 takes place in New York about four months later, in the spring of 1931. This dark and sordid story is one of the great novels of the Great Depression. If it is ever remade into a movie, it should be in black and white.


Steven Goldleaf said...

Was it ever filmed? Loosely adapted, maybe, but if it is ever filmed, it will be for the first time.

RGK said...

The movie version is certainly very freely adapted and not even much good on its own terms. The book could certainly could stand a serious cinematic interpretation.