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'The trouble with him was not that he had enemies; everybody has enemies. His trouble was that he had no friends.'

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Richard Carreño


Steven Goldleaf said...

Not only does this not sound familiar, but it doesn't sound like O'Hara, who had plenty of friends, at least as I define "friends": people who will gladly dine with you, listen to your troubles, and confide theirs in you. All you have to do to verify this is read O'Hara's letters--if the people writing him weren't his friends, then I've never had one either.

Henry Holman said...

Is there a collection of O'Hara letters published? Pls advise


RGK said...

Yes, there's an excellent one edited by Matt Bruccoli: Selected Letters of John O'Hara.

It's out of print now, but available through many online dealers.