Corrections, Clarifications (and apologies)

Substitute this for the short story "Can I Stay Here."

Theresa Livingston is an elderly famous actress. Miss Evelyn Blackwell is the twenty-one year old daughter of John Blackwell, former lover of Theresa Livingston. Evelyn is coming to Theresa's hotel apartment to have lunch with her. It's a first-time meeting. Evelyn appears, but she's had too much to drink. She's also emotionally unstable. After picking at her food and consuming even more alcohol she retires to a bedroom. After too much time passes, Theresa (Terry) seeks her out. This is how it ends:

   She went to the bedroom,, and the girl was lying on the bed, clad in her slip, staring at the ceiling. "Do you want anything, Evelyn?"
   "Yes, " said the girl.
   "Can I stay here a while?"
   "Child, you can stay here as long as you like," said Theresa Livingston.

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