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On April 17, 1937, publication of "Peggy." The New Yorker. Files On Parade.

Hollywood mogul Sigmund Bernette discovers Peggy dancing in a Chicago night club and signs her to a movie contract. She eventually becomes his mistress. "Well, that was her life. Car, clothes, money - and nothing to do but be there for Bernette. Then she took sick and he sent her to the desert, and of course the doctor had to be one of those handsome young California Nordics. Bernette was furious."

So Burnette buys out Peggy's contract, and she moves back to New York and takes up with one Williamson. " ... and I hear when he's twenty-five, he comes into something like four million dollars from his grandmother. Of course he hasn't a brain in his head, but he is nice-looking....Aren't they sweet together, those two?"

From an April 17, 1965 letter:

I have taken the plunge; I am now the owner of a brand new Rolls-Royce automobile, and nothing in my vast automotive experience had prepared me for this pleasure."

Selected Letters, page 473.

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