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                                                                 The Funeral

On April 16, 1970 an Episcopal funeral service was held at the Princeton University Chapel. Matthew Bruccoli states: "It was not a large turnout - not like Dr. Patrick O'Hara's funeral, or Joe Chapin's." The O'Hara Concern, page 338.

Some of those in attendance were Mrs. Bennett Cerf, Mrs. John Steinbeck, former New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes, and Charles Addams. "The chapel was not filled, and the Princeton undergraduates paid no attention to the funeral." Page 339. (The relationship between John O'Hara and the Princeton academic community had always been frosty).

                                                     More on John O'Hara's Death

On April 10, 1970, the night before he died, John O'Hara had been working on The Second Ewings. This manuscript was unfinished. It's seventy-four pages, I've seen it but I haven't read it.

The last sentence he wrote: "Edna had not suspected him, and now his affair with Alicia was a thing of the past."

He complained of chest and arm pains, went to bed and died the following day.

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