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On April 11, 1970 John O'Hara died. He was sixty-five years old. He is buried in Princeton Cemetery. His tombstone reads:

                                                      JOHN O'HARA
                                                     January 31, 1905

                                                        April 11, 1970


                                                 THAN ANYONE ELSE

                                                 HE TOLD THE TRUTH

                                                   ABOUT HIS TIME

                                                           HE WAS

                                                   A PROFESSIONAL

                                                         HE WROTE  

                                                HONESTLY AND WELL

"I saw and felt and heard the world around me and within my limitations and within my prejudices I wrote down what I saw and felt and heard. I tried to keep it mine and where I was most successful it was mine."

Quoted in The O'Hara Concern. Page 345.

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Sell Textbooks Online said...

I head John O Hara was a great man, thanks for putting up this blog in his remembrance.