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From an April 10, 1928 letter to brother Tom O'Hara:

I have sold a piece, at last, to The New Yorker ... I don't know how much money I'll get for it and as a matter of fact I don't really care an awful lot. The point is that I've broken in. The idea in this
willitch is to get yourself known; the rest will follow after that.

I had a long interview with Harold Ross, editor of the N.Y.-er on Friday and he sounded very encouraging. He's a queer duck. Funny stiff German hair and a long gap between his two front teeth. Like F.P.A. he swears all the time and when I say swear I mean swear .... Needless to say I think he's quite the boy.

Be a good boy and don't forget your morning prayers and don't ever kick your mother.

Selected Letters, page 30.

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