Better Late Than Never

O'Hara's Novels Still 'Arresting'

That's what Benjamin Schwarz writes in reviewing The Sky's the Limit by Steven Gaines (Little, Brown), a book that describes so-called Good Buildings, or particular luxury buildings in New York. '...[W]hat makes this book really fascinating is what makes suc dated books as Cleveland Amory's and Stephen Birmingham's portraits of the rich and well-born, and John O'Hara's novels, still arresting: the analysis of minute social gradations within the privileged classes.' The Atlantic Monthly, May 2005.

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sjm said...

What makes O'Hara's books still arresting is the wonderful writing.

I first started reading them 40yrs ago, and have a collection in the bookshelf by my bed which is dipped into again and again.

Surely, he is one of the only writers who can communicate an immense amount through simple, even quite sparse, dialogue, making his characters spring to life.