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O'Hara Field Trip: Your Thoughts?
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O'Hara Society Field Trip 13 August: A Correspondence

From: Richard Carreno
My recommendations aren't new; but they remain UNVISITED sites. In no chronological order:

Belle and O'Hara apt;
8 East 52nd Street

Pickwick Arms
230 East 51st Street (Second/Third Aves)

Quentin Reynolds and O'Hara
114 East 53rd Street (1934)

London Terrace
470 West 24th Street (1937)

Rooming House (First Digs)
107 West 43rd Street
103 East 46th Street

From: Robert Knott:
Here are some additional thoughts:

-Paley Center, 25 West 52nd. They are open from 12-6. Because "Appointment" is digitized, more than two people can watch at once. We can all proceed to the library floor, load the program and watch it at the same time with two people looking at each screen. Admission to the museum is $10, $8 for seniors and allows us 2 hours of library time, enough to watch this one hour program.

I feel like we have already hit most of the other obvious targets, but there are always the residences that we did not look at last time:

103 East 46th (between Lex and Vanderbilt)

107 West 43rd (between 6th and 7th)

Pickwick Arms Club, 230 East 51st (2nd and 3rd)

Another idea within walking distance might be quick visits to the Broadway theatres where "Pal Joey" has played. The original production seems to have divided its run between three different houses: The Ethel Barrymore on 47th; the Shubert on 44th; the St. James on 44th.

I will try to arrange a meal or drink at BUtterfield 8 in the next few weeks and get a feel of the place and whether or not it might be too crowded for us to congregate at some point during the day.

Let me know your thoughts. I will drop a check in the mail re: "Chips." I didn't know you were working on that. Will be interested to see what you've put together.

From: Richard Carreno
Well done! A brilliant find. My feeling is that we shud go to BUtterfield 8 for post-tour drinks -- much cheaper than Algonquin. It's NOT the price re Connolly's necessarily, but OTHERwise we really after NO post-tour site.

From: Robert Knott:
I'm hoping to send a more robust e-mail later today with suggestions, but wanted to get your reaction to this unbelievably appropriate resturant/bar: I don't know how crowded they get, but I wondered if this might be an idea for lunch instead of Connolly's, or maybe drinks later. It's a little further south and might be a touch pricier. Let me know your thoughts and I can investigate more.

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