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Richard Carreno John O'Hara Collection

General Titles
An Artist is His Own Fault, LN/LN 1977 FIRST $39.99

And Other Stories, G/G FIRST Inscription, embossed, Previous owner's signature $4.99
_____, VG/VG FIRST Bookplate Previous owner's signature $24.99

Appointment in Samarra, VG/NW Paper 1985 Brit edition $4.99
_____, LN/NW 2003 Vintage edition  TBP
_____, LN/LN 1994 Modern Library edition TBP 
_____, VG/G 1994 Modern Library edition $4.99
_____, VG/NW Yellowing Undated WW II wartime edition Bookplate TBP
_____, LN/LN Facsimile 1934 First edition 1961 FIRST TBP. (2 copies).
_____, G/NW Ex Libris Bookplate1935 4th edition TBP.
_____, G/NW Bookplate 1935 ?? edition TBP
_____, G/NW Torn upper spine 1935 TBP
_____, VG/G Bookplate 1953 Modern edition TBP
_____, G/NW Bookplate 1935 5th edition TBP
_____, (Rendez-Vous a Samarra), LN/NW Paper En francais 2005 French edition $14.99

Assembly, VG/NW Bookplate FIRST 1962 Cresset Brit edition TBP
_____, G/NW FIRST Embossed Previous owner's sig Bookplate TBP

Big Laugh, The, VG/VG 1962 FIRST Cresset Brit edition In protective plastic wrap $19.99
_____, VG/VG Some tears at wrapper spine Bookplate FIRST $24.99
_____, VG/NW Paper Bookplate 1997 FIRST Ecco edition $9.99

BUtterfield 8, G/NW Paper 1961 Brit Penguin edition $1.99
_____, LN/NW Paper 1999 Prion Brit edition, $7.99 (2 copies).
_____, VG/NW 1951 Shakespeare House edition TBP
_____, G/NW Paper 1960 Brit Penguin edition $1.99
_____, LN/NW Paper 2003 Modern Library edition $9.99
_____, VG/VG Undated Modern Library edition $11.99
_____, G/NW Paper 1961 Brit Penguin edition $1.99

Cape Cod Lighter, VG/G 1962 5th edition $2.99
_____, VG/G 1962 3rd Printing $2.99

Collected Stories of John O'Hara,VG/NW Paper $5.99.
_____, VG/NW Paper Bookplate1984 FIRST Brit edition $9.99
_____, LN/LN 1984 FIRST TBP.
_____, LN/NW Paper 1984 FIRST TBP.
_____, VG/NW 1984 FIRST TBP

Doctor's Son, The, VG/NW Paper Undated Avon edition TBP

Elizabeth Appleton, VG/G 1963 Second Printing TBP.
_____, G/NW Ex Libris Library binding 1963 FIRST Brit edition $2.99.
_____, VG/NW 1963 FIRST Cresset Brit edition TBP

Ewings, The, VG/VG Bookplate 1972 FIRST Brit edition $14.99

Farmer's Hotel ,The, 1951 FIRST TBP
_____, G/NW 1951 FIRST TBP
_____, VG/G Bookplate 1951 FIRST TBP

Family Party, VG/G Bookplate In plastic protective wrap Prev owner's sig 1956 FIRST $39,99

Files on Parade, G/NW Paper Brittle, yellowing FIRST 1943 Avon Modern Monthly TBP

Forty Nine Stories LN/NW 1962 Modern Library FIRST TBP

From the Terrace, G/VG Bookplate In plastic protective wrap Previous owner's sig 1958 FIRST $19.99
_____, VG/VG Bookplate In plastic protective wrap 1958 FIRST $29.99
_____, LN/NW Paper Bookplate 2nd edition $14.99

Good Samaritan & Other Stories, VG/G 1974 FIRST $29.99

Great Short Stories of John O'Hara, G/NW Paper 1956 Bantam edition $0.99
_____, VG/NW Paper 1967 Canadian edition $0.99

Hat on the Bed, The, G/NW Bookplate 1963 FIRST TBP

Hellbox, VG/NW Bookplate 1947 2nd edition Previous owner's sig $9.99.
_____, VG/VG Bookplate In plastic protective wrap 1947 2nd edition $14.99
_____, VG/VG Bookplate Some chipping at wrapper spine FIRST In plastic protective wrap $39.99

Here's O'Hara, VG/NW 1946 reprint Bookplate TBP
_____, G/NW FIRST Ex Libris Library bound Bookplate TBP
_____, G/NW FIRST Torn, damaged spine Prev owner's sig Bookplate Artifact TBP

Hope of Heaven, VG/NW Paper 1985 C+G edition TBP

Horse Knows the Way, VG/NW Bookplate 1964 FIRST $9.99
_____, VG/G 1964 FIRST $19.99
_____, LN/LN FIRST $49.99
_____, LN/LN FIRST Bookplate $34.99

Instrument, The, VG/VG Book Club 1967 $2.99

John O'Hara's Hollywood, LN/NW Paper FIRST Bookplated edited by Bruccoli $9.99

Lockwood Concern, G/VG Ex Libris Library markings Bookplate FIRST 1965 $9.99
_____, LN/LN Bookplate 1965 Brit Club Club edition $9.99
_____, LN/LN 1967 FIRST Brit edition $24.99

Lovey Childs: A Philadelphian's Story, G/NW Ex-Libris 1969 $2.99
_____, G/NW Ex Libris 1969 FIRST TBP

My Turn, G/NW Paper FIRST Signet edition 1967 $0.99.
_____, VG/NW Paper FIRST Signet 1967 edition $1.99

O'Hara Generation, G/NW 1969 edition $1.99
_____, VG/NW Paper $2.99
_____, VG/NW 1969 FIRST TBP

Ourselves to Know, VG/VG 1960 FIRST Brit edition $14.99
_____, VG/NW 1962 Brit edition $9.99
_____, VG/G FIRST Bookplate In plastic protective wrap Prev owner's sig $19.99

Pal Joey, N/NW Paper 1999 Prion edition TBP
_____, LN/LN 1952 Book Club edition TBP

Pipe Night, VG/NW 1945 5th WW II wartime edition $7.99
_____, G/NW Paper Canadian Popular Library edition $1.99
_____, VG/NW 1945 6th Wartime edition 6.99
_____, VG/G 1946 Forum FIRST TBP.
_____, VG/VG 1946 Forum FIRST TBP

Rage to Live, VG/VG1949 7th Printing, In plastic protective wrap $9.99
_____, G/NW FIRST Bookplate Prev owner's sig $9.99
_____, VG/NW Paper FIRST Reviewers' Selection series Rare 4.99
_____, Rage to Live,VG/NW 4th printing $4.99
_____, (Smania Di Vita), VG/NW Bookplate FIRST Italian edition Rare TBP

Sermons and Soda-Water, G/VG Ex Libris FIRST Brit edition TBP
_____,VG/NW Paper 1986 Carroll & Graf edition TBP
_____, VG/NW Hardback 1960 Third edition 3 vol boxed set $24.99.
_____, VG/NW Paper FIRST Carroll & Graf edition1986 TBP

Sweet and Sour, LN/LN Bookplate in plastic protective wrap 1954 FIRST $29.99
_____, LN/NW Bookplate 1954 FIRST TBP

Ten North Frederick, $1.99,G/NW Paper 1962 Brit Panther edition
_____, VG/NW, 3rd Printing 1955 TBP

Three of the Best: Pal Joey, Hope of Heaven, Sermons and Soda Water VG/NW Paper 1986 Brit edition TBP

Time Element and Other Stories, LN/LN 1972 FIRST $24.99

Two by O'Hara, LN/LN 1979 FIRST TBP

Waiting for Winter, VG/VG Bookplate Brit edition $9.99
_____, G/NW Broken spine Ex libris Library markings Bookplate FIRST $2.99

Special Editions
Americans in London, Brian N. Morton, BN/NW Paper re O'Hara 1986 FIRST $14.99

American Short Story, The: A Treasury of the Memorable and Familiar, edited by Thomas Parkes (includes Imagine Kissing Pete), LN/LN, FIRST New York: Galahad Books 1994 $9.99

At Random: The Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf, re O'Hara citations LN/VG Bookplate embossed stamp, 1977 FIRST TBP

At Random: Books and Bookpeople from Random House, LN/NW Paper, includes 'Appointment with O'Hara,' 1994 FIRST $9.99

Encyclopedia of American Humor, edited by Bennet Cerf, includes O'Hara, et al, G/G Ex Libris $0.99

Bedside Tales, Introduction by Peter Arno, VGNW 1945 FIRST TBP

Fifty Great Short Stories, A/NW Paper (Includes O'Hara's 'Graven Image') 1959 Bantam edition 0.99

For Men Only, edited by James M. Cain, G/NW, includes O'Hara, et al, 1944 2nd $0.99

Life of John O'Hara, Frank MacShane, VG/VG 1980 Brit edition TBP.
_____, VG/VG Bookplate, review attached to inside cover, to tear to fron wrapper, 1980 FIRST TBP.

John O'Hara, Robert Emmet Long, N/N 1983 FIRST $5.99. (Three texts available)

John O'Hara: A Checklist, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, BN/BN 1972 FIRST signed by editor TBP
_____, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, VG/VG 1972 FIRST $49.99

John O'Hara Compendium, edited by Richard Carreno, BN/NW Paper $9.99

John O'Hara: A Descriptive Bibliography, LN/NW 1978 FIRST $59.99

John O'Hara, Sheldon Norman Grebstein, G/NW Paper 1966 FIRST $3.99

John O'Hara, Charles Child Walcutt, VG/NW Ex Libris Library binding 1969 FIRST TBP
_____, VG/VG FIRST $4.99
_____, LN/LN $5.99

John O'Hara Journal, LN/NW Paper Bookplate, Vol. 1, Number 1 Winter 1979-80 TBP.
John O'Hara Journal, LN/NW Paper Bookplate, Vo. 4, Number 1 Spring-Summer 1981 TBP.

Journalism, Writing, and American Literature, Ronald Weber, VG/NW Paper Bookplate unpaginated (15pp?) 1987 FIRST TBP

O'Hara: A Biography of John O'Hara, Finis Farr, LN/LN 1974 FIRST Brit edition TBP
_____, Finis Farr LN/VG 1973 FIRST TBP

O'Hara Concern: A Biography of John O'Hara, Matthew J. Bruccoli, VG/VG Bookplate 1975 FIRST signed by author TBP

On Native Grounds, Alfred Kazin, including 'The Revival of Naturalism' re O'Hara, etc., G/G Bookplate, embossed stamp, notes 1942 FIRST TBP.

Pleasure for Reading, edited by Bennett Cerf, includes O'Hara's 'Bread Alone,' VG/G Slight tear to wrapper 1957 FIRST TBP.

Reader's Digest Condensed Books, G/G Includes 'A Family Party,' 1957 FIRST $0.99.

Saturday Evening Post Stories, The, re O'Hara LN/NW 1960 FIRST TBP

Selected Letters of John O'Hara, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, LN/VG 1978 FIRST TBP

Short Stories from The New Yorker, LN/NW 1940 FIRST TBP
_____, G/NW 1951 Brit FIRST TBP
_____, G/NW Paper Wrinkling by water damage, 1966 2nd $1.99

Short Stories from The New Yorker: 1940 to 1950, G/NW Paper Wrinkling by water damage, 1996 2nd $1.99

Wonderful Town: New York Stories from The New Yorker, BN/BN Bookplate 2000 FIRST TBP

World of the Short Story: A 20th Century Collection, edited by Clifton Fadiman, LN/VG Bookplate 1986 FIRST TBP.

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