Private Collections

James MacDonald's
John O'Hara Collection

Appointment in Samarra                  Modern Library
Butterfield 8                                     Harcourt, Brace first
Hope of Heaven (with stories from The Doctor's Son and Files on Parade)      British paperback
Pal Joey                                             British paperback
Pipe Night                                         British paperback
Hellbox                                              British paperback
A Rage To Live (2)                           British hardback first and Modern Library
The Farmers Hotel                          Bantam paperback
Sweet and Sour                               British paperback
Ten North Frederick                       British hardback first
A Family Party                                 Bantam paperback
From the Terrace (2)                      Random House first and British hardback first
Ourselves To Know                          British hardback first
Assembly                                         Random House first
Sermons and Soda-Water             Random House first
Five Plays                                        British hardback
The Cape Cod Lighter                     British paperback
The Big Laugh                                 Random House first
Forty-nine Stories                         Modern Library
Elizabeth Appleton                        British hardback first
The Hat on the Bed                        British hardback
The Horse Knows the Way            British paperback
The Lockwood Concern                 Random House first
Waiting For Winter                      British hardback
The Instrument                          British hardback first
And Other Stories                       Random House first
The Ewings                                 British hardback first
The Time Element                      Random House first
Good Samaritan                          British hardback first
Collected Stories                         Random House first
Two By O'Hara                             First
An Artist is His Own Fault             First
Selected Letters                           First

O'Hara                                          Finis Farr
The O'Hara Concern                       Matthew Brucolli
The Life of John O'Hara                 Frank MacShane
The Art of Burning Bridges             Geoffrey Wolff

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