Alert: New AGM Venue!

New AGM Venue

Philadelphia: 24 January 2008

Hullo All!
The P&P didn't work out as a dinner venue. Drinks later?

We've moved our dinner site to Tavern 17 at the Warwick Hotel, 220 South 17th Street. (+215.790.1799). As you know, the Warwick was JOH's pied a terre in Philadelphia. Certainly alot has changed, But the basic geography hasn't.

Dinner: 7:30 PM. We have a booked table. Everyone will be on their own re bill for dinner and drinks. (Charge to room, if you're staying at the hotel). Menu ranges from light fare to full menu. Check: for details. Please, PLEASE, RSVP if you're going to attend so that table can be properly arranged.

Hotel: For 16 February, the guaranteed rate is $ 169.10 + tax per room; or, $152.10 + tax for 60 years and more, per room. When booking, note that you are amongst John O'Hara Society group. Telephone: 215.735.6000.

O'Hara + Philly: To get a grip on O'Hara and Philly, check out, go to SEARCH, enter O'HARA's PHILLY.

Any questions, ring at +267.253.1086.

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