16 Feb AGM Alert! Walking Tour?

Philadelphia: 26 January 2008

16 February AGM Update

First, many thanks to those who RVSP'ed -- positively, even negatively. It helps! Still, the Warwick/Tavern 17 tells me that there should no problem accommodating late bookings. So if you're undecided, there's still time.

Someone mentioned a walking tour of 'O'Hara's Philly.' Sure. If there's interest -- no pressure -- I'd be happy to gather a group Sunday morning (17 February) for photo-tour, etc., of O'Hara country in Center City (The old P&P, the Racquet Club, Suburban Station, old Brooks Brothers, etc.)

Lastly, if you have any O'Hara mementoes, Firsts, ephemera, and the like, don't be shy in sharing these along, as well.

Other ideas? Send them along!


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