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'Kiwi' Joins the Society;
Welcome Gerard!

Philadelphia: 16 December 2007
Consider yourself a paid-up member of the John O'Hara. Though, of course, there are no dues, nor rules, for that matter. Congratulations! And special congrats as the FIRST Kiwi member!

What I'm hoping -- and I've got Christine's support in the past re this -- to create a forum in the 'pages' of the O'Hara Society site for discussion of the Master's works, life, and impact. Yes, there are few of us; I think, in the 80's, I was the only college prof rolling out an O'Hara literature course in the US. Things have not changed -- regarding his popularity, that is.

Which is 'blessing,' in a way. O'Hara books are thus cheap to buy. I supposing you are a collector, as well. If so, please tell me about NZ firsts that you might have. Dates? Publishers? That sort of thing. Of course, I have all American editions. Ditto for Brit and Canada and French. But now you're making me think re other 'Commonwealth' countries.

Will be posting this exchange to JOH website. Look for it there. Also O'Hara stuff, from time to time, on my Lit'ry Life website,

Stay in touch. Spread the word. Season's Greetings,

Richard Carreno
Corresponding Sec'try
Gerard Smith wrote:
I am a real fan of John O'Hara, something about his detail and the word pictures he creates really gets to me.

I am a New Zealander, 60 years old, a television producer, live in Auckland, our largest city of 1.3 million and would like to keep in touch re what's happeing in the world of John O'Hara. I read what the critics from the literary world say about John and I wonder, What don't they see???? or feel???

All falling over themselves to be seen backing the right horse. And somewhere along the line that someone, the leading critic that they all take their cue from, didn't let all the other "sheepcritics" know how important John O'Hara was, or is. It's all about who's fashionable.

If there is a network that is supporting John O'Hara count me in.
Keep up the good work.

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