Barber Shop Picture Anyone?

Does the name Porter Holman ring a bell? He was my brother, lived in New York City, and died several years ago. His daughter tells me he was active in the Society. Porter turned me on to O'Hara many years ago.

My favourite O'Hara story is the 'Cellar Domain' about a barber shop owner named Peter Durant. His shop was in a hotel basement. The hotel was on a hill. As was common then, there was an entry from the street, as well as from the hotel lobby. I think.

When I visited Pottsville 15 years ago, the hotel and shop were vacant, and appeared to be awaiting the wrecking ball.

I am trying to find a picture of that barber shop -- and the hotel. Exterior and/or interior. This, despite the fact that no camera could ever capture as precise an image as O'Hara drew in my mind.

Contacts with the Pottsville Historical Society and the city library have generated no replies.

Many thanks,
Hank Holman

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