Reader Question

Dear Friends,
I'm attempting to read and collect all John O'hara stories. The Story:
"Name in the Book",
Listed by Bruccoli in the Pittsburgh O'Hara Bibliography as Short Story # C182
From Good Houskeeping CXIX December 1944 Pages 172-173
This is nowhere that I can find.
Was it ever reproduced in a collection?
Does any member have this story of which I could purchase a copy?
Any help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Norman Dolph


Steven Goldleaf said...

Never. I am considering it for a forthcoming volume "The Uncollected John O'Hara."

brian coleman said...

I was chagrined to read that Dr. O'Hara and family did not reside in the tonier areas of Pottsville further on up Mahantongo Street. They actually resided in the former home of Frederick Yuengling, a prominent brewer in the town. The house was vacated after his death in 1900 when his son erected a Tudor-style mansion some seven blocks away. My father was a schoolmate of John O'Hara and put him up in NYC for about a year when he left Pottsville and said that Dr. O'Hara was much respected by the prominent citizens for his discretion but that young John was privy to the activities of the coal, textile and railroad residents of the town, which was, like neighboring Frackville, wide open during Prohibition.