Pal Joey Debut and Two More Stories


On October 22, 1938, the first "Pal Joey" story appeared in The New Yorker.

On October 22, 1949, publication of "Grief." The New Yorker. The Time Element & Other Stories.
Informed of their son's death by an apparent accidental shooting, his parents begin the long train ride to his boarding school to claim the remains.

On October 22, 1966, publication of "The Jama." The Saturday Evening Post. Waiting for Winter. The Jama is the name of a cruiser. Looking out from shore somewhere in New England, Dave Blair's curiosity and concern are aroused at the sight of three people on the Jama. He motors out and the owner, Jack Harrison, invites him up for a drink and introduces him to a husband-wife couple he's hired - Bob and Betty Lewis. When the Lewises go ashore to make some purchases, Dave Blair and Jack Harrison have a lengthy conversation, wherein Jack confesses to Dave his fears about the couple.

What is clear about the author's talent is his ability to catch the reader in the opening paragraph and carry him or her to the end. Two very engaging stories on two very different subjects.

A few days ago there was a post of a review of The New York Stories by Farisa Khalid. She is very impressive. There is also a link to her review of the new edition of Appointment in Samarra. Many of her other writings - reviews of books, movies and art - appear on her websit,

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