Deleted Passages in Appointment in Samarra - Part 1


How it started - Julian and Caroline at Christmas Day lunch with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. English:

   "Here we are," said the doctor. "Drink this one, Caroline, and you and I can have another one before we sit down."
   "We can all have another one," said his wife, "but we'll have to take it in to the table with us. I don't want to keep the girls any later than necessary. But that doesn't mean you're to bolt your food. Bad for the digestion."
   "If is if you don't masticate -" said the doctor.
   "Doctor, please don't say that," said his wife. "Chew your food is just as good a word."

The published passage - Later that day when Julian and Caroline are driving to the club (Julian speaks first)"

   "Did you ever masticate?'
   "None of your business."
   "Did you?"
   "I'm getting a little tired of this," said Caroline.

The deleted passage, wherein we see an earthier Caroline:

   "Did you ever masticate?"
   "Did I what?"
   "Masticate. Come on, don't stall."
   "Yes. From the time I was twelve," she said.
   "You did, really?"
   "Every day of my life. Did you?
   "Every day of my life. Did you masticate after you fell in love with me?"
   "More than ever. What about you? Did you, after you fell in love with me?"
   "More than ever. Of course there was never a time. I mean I never did really fall in love with you. I always loved you, from the time I was born. Although I began to masticate at the same time. I took one look at Mother when she was getting ready to give me my first meal, and I said to myself, I said 'Boy, masticate!' and by God I did."

From Bruccoli, Matthew J.,  The O'Hara Concern.

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