Penguin Issues Three John O'Hara Books


In August Penguin Classics published three (paperback) John O'Hara books:

The New York Stories, edited by our member Dr. Steven Goldleaf, Professor of English Literature at Pace University. This is a collection of 32 stories, written from 1932 on (Some are published posthumously in 1972). I highly recommend purchase. If you add this book to Gibbsvile, PA and John O'Hara's Hollywood, you have, to quote Steven Goldleaf, "...the bulk of his stories' settings."
Another reason the book is recommended is for Steven Goldleaf's introduction.

On September 16th Jenny and I drove to Brooklyn for a symposium moderated by Steven Goldleaf. On the panel were Lawrence Block, the crime novelist, Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, and Charles McGrath, writer at large for The New York Times. We have a new generation of critics who understand, appreciate and respect John O'Hara. This is a major departure from the past several decades.

The other two books published by Penguin are:

Appointment in Samarra, with the introduction by Charles McGrath, and BUtterfield 8, with an introduction by Lorin Stein. The quality of the introductions make these books a good addition to any John O'Hara fan's library.

Robert Saliba

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