Penn State Memorial Exhibits


July 7, 1970 was the opening date of the Penn State Memorial Exhibits in honor of John O'Hara, who had died the previous April. Penn State printed a facsimile of one of his speeches. The front page read:

In recognition of John O'Hara's services to literature, and in token of his gifts to The Pennsylvania State University, we hereby print a facsimile of an address delivered by Mr. O'Hara on February 29, 1964, on the occasion of his being awarded the Merit Medal for the Novel of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

The Exhibits were on display until August 14, 1970.

From Pamela Mac Arthur's The Genteel John O'Hara.


John O'Hara's study at his Princeton home "Linebrook" in Princeton has been rebuilt and is located in the Penn State University Library. A few years ago the Curator Sandra Stelts spent an hour and a half giving my wife Jenifer and me a tour. I highly recommend this experience.

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