Culture Clash


Ben McCrosland is a sociology professor at Dartmouth. One of his students is Irving Kurtz, whose father is a Hollywood mogul. The son arranges for the professor, while on vacation, to visit the father's studio and get a look at Hollywood. The professor eventually decides he's had enough. He calls the home of an old friend, Professor Titus, whose wife drives to the studio and takes him home to stay with her and her husband. Here are a few excerpts from a conversation between the professor and the man assigned to escort him around the studio:

   "Well, did you have a nice trip out? Everything satisfactory at the hotel?" Mitchell asked. "If you want your room changed, we can arrange that."
   "I'm very comfortable, thank you."
. . .
   "Married man, Professor?"
   "Close to twenty years. Why?"
   "Well, I make all kinds of arrangements in my job, and those parties at the Kurtz residence . . . so if you wanted to see  the night life, that's part of my job."
   "That include getting me a girl?"
   "Oho, that's for sure . . . "
. . .
   "Anyway, Crockett's a Commie."
   "He is?"
   "Well, not a Commie. But he came out verrrry , verrrry strong for Truman.

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