At The Cothurnos Club


On July 21, 1972, publication of "At the Cothernos Club." Esquire. The Time Element and Other Stories. One of the uncollected stories published posthumously.

One of our members asked the name of the real Cothernos Club, and I have been unable to find out.

Here's from the opening paragraph:

Although the Cothernos Club was founded by actors a limited number of writers and painters are taken in from time to time, and that is how I chance to be a member. It is the pleasantest of places; in the reading-and writing-rooms pin-drop quiet prevails, while in the bar and billiard room and dining room there is very little likelihood of a man's feeling lonesome. Especially is this true of he dining room, where most of the members eat at a large round table.

The story involves one of the members who for many years enjoyed playing a word game with each new member until one day his little joke backfired on him, so he left the bar and ate alone at a table for the next ten years.

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