On June 15, 1929, publication of "Convention." The New Yorker.

Here we have the convention in late July. Dealers - many of them dealers that have been handling Hagedorn & Brownmiller, Incorporated, products for three decades - they'll be coming to New York to attend the convention and naturally they'll expect us to do something for their entertainment. Nowadays you have to do more than just take a booth at the convention and show the dealers around the plant. I tell you men, the dealer out in the sticks has learned about sales resistance. That means, of course, that every paint-and-varnish house in the city will have their high-pressure men in town during the convention to entertain the dealers. That means also taking them around the town, showing them the sights, and so forth.
From December 1, 1928 to July 26, 1930 John O'Hara wrote fourteen Hagedorn & Brownmillers:

1.    The Boss's Present.
2.    The House Organ.
3.    Fifteen-Minutes-for-Efficiency.
4.    Appreciation.
5.    The Tournament.
6.    Convention.
8.    Mr. Rosenthal.
9.    The Boss Talks.
10.  Staff Picture.
11.  Halloween Party.
12.  Getting Ready for 1930.
13.  Mr. Cleary Misses a Party.
14.  The New Office.


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