On May 19, 1928, publication of "Overheard in a Telephone Booth." The New Yorker.

Excerpts from John O'Hara''s second contribution to the magazine (the first being on May 5, 1928):

You're spending the evening with Bill, aren't you? You won't see me tonight, won't you? .... I only wish to God that it was I and not Bill you were spending the evening with.....
Bill, of all people .... Why did it have to be that pup, of all people?
Yes, I'll call again, but I'm not even sure when....I want to hurt you once again, twice again. I want you to love me again for a little while....Only for a little while because what I really want to do is to make you love me and then throw you down and kick you. But even then I'd pick you up. And be sorry and suffer all over again....
Such a banal ending to a grand affair. A telephone conversation....But of corse this won't be the ending.

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