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From an April 20, 1923 letter to his close friend Robert Simonds:

Well, since November Marg Arch and I have been knocking around quite some, - to such an extent as to cause Mrs. Diller to start the report that we're engaged. (Enjoy your laugh.) My record for a week is four dances - which really gives Pottsville sufficient cause for gossip. Last week I had three and this week two dates and two auto rides with her. Well, the Creole wasn't pleased when I "aired" her so ever since she has been quite obviously but diplomatically trying to break up the affair.

Selected Letters, pages 7-8.

Marg Arch was Margaretta Archbald, "the love of his life."
The Creole was another girl friend, Gladys Suender, who was Natalie Benziger in From the Terrace.
(I have no idea who Mrs. Diller was).

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