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On March 9, 1930 "The Pennsylvania Irish." New York Herald-Tribune.

In this article O'Hara describes the influence of Irish speech on the immigrant Polish miners, "who spoke with a rich brogue." Matthew Bruccoli, The O'Hara Concern, page 18.

In A Rage to Live, the author mentions African-Americans who spoke German and/or American with  German accents in the Pennsylvania Dutch communities of the late nineteenth early twentieth century communities.

O'Hara had a superb ear for dialogue and dialect.


                              Julian English - The Essence of the Twenties            

I found some support for what I wrote a few posts back.

In the current New Yorker issue (March 11, 2013), novelist/critic Thomas Mallon, in reviewing the new Calvin Coolidge biography by Amity Schlaes, describes the era as "... the jazzed-up, boozing, and crazily acquisitive decade .." page 66.

Julian's love of jazz and alcohol and the Gibbsville-Cadillac Motor Car Company.


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