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                                        College, Career and the Girl Friend

From a March 25, 1925 letter to his close friend Bob Simonds.

My father's death has had a sobering effect on me. I have given up all hope of seeing Europe or anything like that...I have, nevertheless, begun to plan to live economically. There may even be enough money on hand to send me to college but I shall wait for a time...

Just now I am doing well in my chosen career. On April 1st I open a column in The Journal...If it's a success I shall go out for bigger and better things. My ambition is to get a job on The World.

In February I wrote but fortunately did not mail a letter to the editor of The Missoulian, Missoula, Montana. I asked him to tell how chances were for my getting a job on his estimable sheet. Of course my plan was to work in Missoula for a while and then repeat the old question to M.T.A. (Margaretta T. Archbald, who as teaching there). Marriage is now out of the question for at least two years.

Selected Letters, page 14.

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