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On March 23, 1929 publication of "The House Organ." The New Yorker. One of the Brownmiller & Hagedorn sketches. A sales pitch to buy an organ for "one of the smoothest functioning paint and varnish organizations..."

On March 23, 1946 publication of "Everything Satisfactory." The New Yorker. Hellbox. John O'Hara's Hollywood. A vintage O'Hara Hollywood story. Dan Schecter is a terrible drunk (with blackouts) who frequents a night club and can't make it with the vocalist.

On March 23, 1963 publication of "Aunt Anna." The Saturday Evening Post. The Hat on the Bed. Anna Phelps' younger sister Betty has died, leaving her husband Henry and three small children. Anna, who's married, pays frequent visits across the bay to care for the children - (and Henry).

                                                                    New Movie

It's not Appointment in Samarra, which will probably never be made, even though the director (Robert Benton) and cast (James Mc Avoy and Amy Adams) were chosen.

This June The Great Gatsby will open in Cannes. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Gatsby. This will be the fourth make. The others: 1926 (Warren Baxter), 1949 (Alan Ladd) and 1974 (Robert Redford).

The 1926 film was lost. I've been told the 1949 film is not available. I saw the 1974 film and  liked it but it wasn't well-received.

Maybe it's just as well they don't make Appointment in Samarra. I never liked the movies of the other novels and stories as much as the literature.  

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