AGM Meeting Notes and Recap

The John O’Hara Society’s Annual General Meeting was held January 26th at Connolly’s Pub in New York, NY.  In attendance were Robert Saliba, Jenny Saliba, Steven Goldleaf and Robert Knott.

The meeting included lunch, fellowship and the sharing of enthusiasms related to John O’Hara and his work. 

Meeting Agenda & Business

Pal Steven Goldleaf presented the introduction to his upcoming collection of John O’Hara’s New York Stories, to be published by Penguin later in 2013.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and all pals are awaiting publication with great anticipation.  Steven shared the list of stories to be included and emphasized his desire to highlight some of the later, less anthologized work in this collection.

It was resolved that in an effort to continue promoting participation among Society members, Robert Saliba will (and, as of this date, has) begin sharing his thoughts and observations relating to the Master on this blog.  Pals Steven Goldleaf and Robert Knott will also be preparing posts in the future.  Further discussion included the brainstorming of topics for the blog that might be of interest to society members.

The possibility of another book club-style discussion of an O’Hara title at the summer meeting was raised and it was resolved that members could suggest titles for discussion on this blog. All members are encouraged to suggest a John O’Hara title that they would like to discuss with other members in the comments section below.  We’re open to all suggestions and no commitment to attend the summer meeting is required.

Robert Knott

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RGK said...

For summer meeting discussion possibilities:

The Instrument
The Ewings

Both of these titles came up in discussion at the AGM.