Robert Knott Reports...

Robert and Jenny Saliba, left, and Robert Knott
... On AGM in Princeton

The John O’Hara Society’s Annual General Meeting was held January 28th in the Yankee Tap Room of the Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ. In attendance were Robert Saliba, Jenny Saliba and Robert Knott.

Discussions and proposals included:

-The Summer Meeting: The date for a summer meeting in New York City for July 21st.

-Meeting Format and Location: In an effort to increase participation and stimulate discussion of O’Hara it was proposed that the Society would select a book for discussion each year and a portion of our meeting would be dedicated to discussion of title. THE LOCKWOOD CONCERN was proposed as the first in this series. Discussion could commence at the July meeting and continue at the January, 2013 meeting, at which time a new title would be selected.

In addition, it was proposed that at least one meeting a year include a presentation or program by a member of a paper, a travelogue or some personal impression on the works of O’Hara (or related topics). To kick this off, Robert Knott is willing to present a paper he wrote in college assessing O’Hara’s works.

Considering these changes in format, the need for a quieter and more appropriate meeting space was identified. Members would love to hear any suggestions for appropriate venues in New York, Princeton, Philadelphia and elsewhere that might include restaurants with small private rooms or library, church and school spaces that do not charge a fee.

-The New Website: Plans to upgrade the Society’s web presence proceeded with discussion of the Society adopting a template similar to that of the Richard Yates Society. Robert Saliba & Robert Knott volunteered to review template options and develop copy and content for the new format, potentially including Robert Saliba’s John O’Hara calendar.

It is hoped that members (or willing friends and acquaintances) with technical expertise will volunteer to help launch the site and transfer/archive content from the existing site.

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