Chip off O'Hara Family Tree
I was wondering if anyone knows of a thorough O'Hara family tree. My parents are both from that area of Penn. (Shenendoah, to be exact) and my mom always said that we were somehow distantly related to O'Hara. I am currently writing a research paper on the critical history of O'hara and thought that it might be interesting to have a more personal--and verifiable--piece to it.

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jsnewhall said...

In response to Ryan Dean's inquiry: John O'Hara was born in 1905 in Pottsville.

On his father's side: His grandfather Michael O'Hara was born in 1839 in Ireland and came to America one year later in 1840. Michael's siblings were Jim, Lucy and Airbrake (nickname). Michael settled in Shenandoah and died in 1893. Distant relatives: Malones of Shenandoah.

Michael married Mary Franey. Their children were: Arthur, Jim, Patrick, Mike, Catherine Gorman, Margaret McNamara, Mollie Monahan. Michael's son Patrick was John O'Hara's father. Patrick married Katherine Delaney.

Katherine Delaney's father was Joseph Israel Delaney, who married Liza Roarke (who had a brother Milo). The children of Joseph Israel Delaney and Liza Roarke were: Katherine Verna. Mary, Eugene and John.

From Pamela MacArthur's The Genteel John O'Hara.

Robert Saliba
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