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... Digs in London

Chesil Court, West London
52 Chelsea Manor Street

From Americans in London:
'John O'Hara, in May 1938, took a three-month lease on [this] flat found for him by his English publisher, Faber and Faber.... [B]ut the lack of central heating and the failure of the English to enjoy O'Hara's drinking habits cut short [his] stay. Only three short stries can be credited to this period, Richard Wagner: Public Domain?, A Day Like Today, and No Mistakes. Thirty years later, at the Foyle's luncheon in London marking the paperback publication of A Lockwood Concern, a more subdued O'Hara recalled, "On my earlier visits, while I was still a young man, I gave what might be called a series of private lectures in such cultural instititions as the Ivy restaurant, the Savoy Grill, the 400 Club, Quaglino's, the Savage Club, and various locals in S.W.3."'