Some Changes to O'Hara's Original

Rod Serling, right below
More on 'It'Mental Work,'
the Television Show
By Richard Rabicoff
More on the Bob Hope Chrysler Theater presentation of It's Mental Work, from Internet Movie Database

The production was actually December 20, 1963.  It was originally scheduled for November 22, 1963, but postponed due to NBC's coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
My comment:
Among other adaptational travesties, the lawyer Conn in John O'Hara's original (no doubt Jewish) was changed to Vito Conte (no doubt Italian) in the TV script.  Is it possible that Serling thought that having a Jewish shyster would be perceived as anti-Semitic? 
Also the black assistant played by Archie Moore was the recipient of several racial barbs from the Italian.  No doubt the liberal Serling wanted to give the O'Hara added "relevance" by adding a civil rights subtheme.

Richard Rabicoff
Perry Hall, MD 21128

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